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Easy Ways to Remove Air Duct Odors from Your A/C Vents

Easy Ways to Remove Air Duct Odors from Your A/C Vents

Ductwork moves air from your home’s HVAC system to all the rooms in your living space. When you first turn on your A/C or furnace, you might notice a musty or foul odor permeating out. If that odor persists, you should address the problem immediately. Taking...

Your Ductwork Could Probably Be Tighter to Increase Savings

The duct system is often overlooked as a system which offers great potential for energy savings, but that’s understandable since ducts are tucked away out of sight. If you haven’t given your ducts a second thought, write “check ductwork” on your springtime maintenance...

Professional Duct Cleaning: Why It’s Worth the Time and Cost

If you or your family members are experiencing health or allergy issues related to dust, mold or other allergens, it may be time to consider getting an air duct cleaning. While every home is different, there are certain situations where bringing in an HVAC specialist...

Is Your Ductwork Showing Signs of Decline? How to Tell

Ductwork doesn’t last forever. Over time, duct components can rust or corrode, sections separate, and accumulated debris cause airflow obstructions that compromise energy efficiency and/or indoor air quality. Poor duct design in older homes also will have a...

The Ductwork in Your Orlando Home: Little Leaks, Big Problems

When your ductwork leaks, your home comfort, air quality and budget take a hit. Unfortunately, duct systems are notorious for leakage problems, as the University of Florida points out in a recent study. Since most ducts aren’t readily visible to homeowners and the...
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